Clinical Research in Connecticut / New England Area

ALSA Research has two dedicated clinical research facilities situated in Bridgeport, Connecticut and Stamford Connecticut. Our two locations allow us to draw from a substantial patient pool in the Tri-State area. Our facilities offer a comfortable and accommodating environment. We are easily accessible from I-95, Route 15 (Merritt Parkway), U.S. Route 1, and public transportation routes.

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Let’s Debunk Clinical Trial Myths

Clinical trials are crucial in advancing medical research and improving healthcare outcomes. Unfortunately, misconceptions surrounding clinical trials can deter individuals from participating or fully understanding their importance. In this blog, we will explore a few critical facts about clinical trials and debunk some common myths while hopefully shedding light on

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Let’s Talk About Clinical Trials

Anyone who takes a drug today, whether over the counter or prescribed, is benefiting from the work and time of scientists, doctors, and volunteers who have helped bring our current treatments to the public. This work happens through clinical trials, which assess the safety and efficacy of those medications.  Volunteering

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Start Your New Years Resolution Early

Embracing the New Year: A Guide to Volunteering for Clinical Trials

As we head into a new year filled with hope and opportunities, many individuals are considering ways to positively impact both their lives and the lives of others. Volunteering for clinical trials is one way to contribute to scientific advancements and medical breakthroughs. Clinical trials are essential in developing new

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