Back pain. It affects millions of Americans every year and can make even easy tasks difficult to complete. If you are wondering what’s causing your chronic back pain, check out these common factors. Continue reading for a new option in the Stamford area!

Weight Gain + Lack of Activity

It happens to the best of us. After a winter of binge-watching Netflix and indulging in your favorite snacks, you’re struggling to button your favorite jeans. Based on lack of activity and weight gain, more pressure is put on your back and knees, often resulting in pain. Pain with activity often limits us from pushing ourselves, and the cycle continues.

Choosing low impact exercise such as swimming, walking or tai chi is a great way to maintain your activity level and shed excess pounds. Focusing on your core will also help strengthen muscles in the midsection, lessening back strain.

Underlying Medical Conditions

A variety of medical conditions, from kidney stones to endometriosis, can cause short term back pain. If you are experiencing shooting pains all of a sudden, it’s a good idea to visit your physician to rule out an underlying medical condition.

Spinal Joint / Disk / Joint Issues

Lower back pain is often caused by a slipped disk, joint inflammation or degenerative disk disease. Car accidents, genetic predisposition or work-related injuries are often the cause of these issues.  Many options are available, including oral medications, physical therapy, chiropractic visits or injections. Because treatment is not one size fits all, its important to have a variety of options available for back pain of this nature.

Learn About a New Option

If you are seeking a new treatment option for lower back pain, a research study may be an option. Research participants may have the opportunity to try a new treatment before the general public, receive thorough care from a board certified physician at no cost, plus compensation for time and travel.

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