Top Three Reasons to Participate in a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are one of the most important steps to insure a new medical treatment will become available to the general public. Research allows the medical community to learn more about treating, preventing and detecting medical conditions. Volunteers are needed to test the efficacy and safety of newly developed treatments.

Treatments can include new drugs, surgical procedures, devices, or even new ways to use already approved treatments. Depending on the condition, researchers may be seeking new ways to treat symptoms, prevent the condition or a cure.

There are many ways that research scientists, study doctors, the FDA and third-party ethics committees help keep volunteers safe. Close monitoring of the participants well-being and study-related care by study doctors and other healthcare professionals also help ensure the patients’ safety.  Those that participate in a study are fully informed of the potential risks and benefits of participating, so they can feel comfortable with their decision to volunteer. If participants get to a point that they are uncomfortable with participating, they are able to opt out of the study at any time.

There are many potential benefits of participating in a clinical trial, but for time’s sake, we will limit them to our top 3 reasons:

1)   Receive thorough and frequent care from medical professionals at no cost. No insurance is needed, and study participants are often compensated for their time.

2)  Potentially gain access to new treatments before the general public.

3)  Help the medical community learn more about potential treatments to detect, prevent and treat common diseases and conditions.

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