My Osteoarthritis Doesn’t Stop Me from Being a Good Grandparent

Osteoarthritis(OA) can be a pain. However, an OA diagnosis doesn’t have to keep you from doing the things you love! While there is no cure, learning how to take control and manage your osteoarthritis may help to improve your symptoms and allow you to be the best grandparent to the special little ones in your life!

Tip #1: Exercise.

Low-impact exercises like swimming, yoga, Pilates, and going for a brisk walk are all great options. Anything to help increase your strength and flexibility without being hard on the joints is a good idea.

Tip #2: Eat right.

Eating a balanced diet is key when you have osteoarthritis. Dark, leafy green vegetables combat inflammation. Nuts, fish, and berries are all great anti-inflammatory options as well.

Tip #3: Maintain a healthy weight.

Studies have shown that for every pound of excess weight you carry, 4 pounds of extra pressure is put on knees. Think about what shedding just ten pounds can do for you!

Tip #4: Get enough sleep.

Sleep is our bodies time to repair itself. You may need to rearrange pillows to take the pressure off of joints as well. Getting enough sleep is also critical for our minds to be present and aware. Let’s face it, being a grandparent can wear us out!

While the pain, stiffness, and swelling associated with OA can certainly slow us down, some simple lifestyle modifications may make being a grandparent with osteoarthritis a much simpler feat!

If you or someone you love is struggling to manage symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, local studies for potential new treatment options are enrolling now. Those that qualify have access to potential new osteoarthritis treatments and are cared for by board-certified physicians. Qualified participants may also be compensated for time and travel expenses. Learn more about this new research opportunity by clicking HERE.