Living Better with Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis affects nearly 30 percent of people living with psoriasis. The inflammatory arthritis is marked by joint pain and stiffness, and can also lead to other changes in the body like fatigue, swelling, and changes in fingernails. The autoimmune disease can affect anyone, but most people initially develop symptoms between the ages of 30 and 50. While living with psoriatic arthritis can be a challenge, certain lifestyle choices may help to prevent flare-ups and make living with psoriatic arthritis more manageable.

  1. Exercise– Moving around keeps joints and muscles loose helping with the inflammation which accompanies psoriatic arthritis. Even walking and stretching exercises, like yoga, are great options.
  2. Diet– Choosing foods that help to reduce inflammation is key. Foods like salmon, cherries, and kale are all known for anti-inflammatory effects. Foods that are high in sugar cause insulin levels to spike leading to higher levels of inflammation in the body. Avoiding foods like soda, candy, and sugary cereals is important as well.
  3. Build a support system– Do your best to make sure your family and friends know what you’re going through. Ask them to accompany you to doctor’s appointments so they can better help to understand your condition. Local support groups and online forums are also a good option for connecting with others who are sharing the same struggles.
  4. Stay informed– Know what is going on with your body and stay on top of your treatment plan. Stay connected to your treatment provider and keep them updated.

Living with psoriatic arthritis is not easy, but taking an active role in your health and managing your lifestyle can help. If you or someone you love is struggling to manage psoriatic arthritis symptoms, research studies exploring potential new treatment options are enrolling now. Study participants have access to potential new treatment medications and are cared for by board-certified physicians. Qualified participants may also receive compensation for time and travel expenses. To learn more and see how you may qualify, click HERE.