The Link Between Ethnicity, Gender, and Osteoarthritis

Over 27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, caused by cartilage breakdown between the joints. In a recent study, researchers found a link to race and gender being a key factor in people with OA.

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SPOILER ALERT! OA is way more prevalent in women than in men. Oh, also, Hispanic women have a much higher chance than Non-Hispanic whites of developing OA.

Among women in their 50s, frequency of developing osteoarthritis varied with ethnicity:

Hispanics 39.3%
American Indians 36.4%
African Americans 33.8%
Asians 25.8%
Non-Hispanic whites 22.6%

It is thought that high obesity rates are the main contributing factors to increased prevalence of Osteoarthritis in specific races. Obesity is a big risk factor in the development of OA. Reducing obesity will decrease your chance of developing OA and needing a total knee replacement.

Research has shown us that, because you do not suffer from Osteoarthritis now, doesn’t mean OA won’t develop in the future. So, you need to be thinking about prevention methods to help stop OA before it starts. Starting OA prevention methods earlier in life will help reduce your chances of developing OA in the future.

Prevention methods include:

Increasing physical activity
Managing your weight
Maintaining a healthy diet
Learning how to prevent injury due to overuse of joints

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New England Research Associates is currently conducting research studies on new potential treatment options for those suffering with osteoarthritis.  Qualified participants will be seen by study doctors and staff and may receive study treatment at no cost.  Compensation for time and travel expenses is also available for those that participate.  To learn more, click below: