Top Eczema Myths Debunked

Atopic Dermatitis, more commonly known as eczema, can cause skin to become red, itchy, and inflamed. It often occurs on areas like hands, face, scalp, and the insides of elbows and knees. According to the National Eczema Association, more than 30 million people struggle with eczema! Dealing with the symptoms associated with the condition is bad enough, but adding in all of the misconceptions surrounding the skin condition can make it even worse. Let’s discuss some of the biggest sources of confusion.

Myth 1: Eczema is contagious.

Eczema is NOT contagious! You can’t ‘catch’ eczema and it can’t be passed from person to person through skin contact. There’s no reason to be worried about being around someone with eczema or touching them.

Myth 2: If you have eczema, you can’t go swimming.

It’s summer! Who doesn’t want to be in a pool? Luckily for those with eczema, they can swim too! The American Academy of Dermatology has some recommendations for preventing pool water from triggering a flare-up, which include: moisturizing prior to swimming, rinsing off after, and moisturizing again.

Myth 3: Eczema is caused by stress.

Being stressed will not cause eczema to simply appear on your skin when you don’t have the condition. However, if you have eczema, stress is certainly an eczema trigger. Stress can trigger the skin condition and make it worse.

Myth 4: Eczema is caused by poor personal hygiene.

Eczema has nothing to do with personal hygiene. It is a genetic condition that is triggered by a variety of environmental factors.

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