Let’s Talk About Clinical Trials

Anyone who takes a drug today, whether over the counter or prescribed, is benefiting from the work and time of scientists, doctors, and volunteers who have helped bring our current treatments to the public. This work happens through clinical trials, which assess the safety and efficacy of those medications.  Volunteering for a clinical study for a new medication or medical device can help future generations – possibly even your children and grandchildren! These studies are essential to developing new options for treatment or even a possible cure. By volunteering, you can help to improve the lives of others.

Participating in a clinical trial may give you access to cutting-edge treatments and care options that improve your overall health.  If you or a family member have been affected by a severe health condition, your participation can help develop new treatment options for others and yourself.  Even if the treatment doesn’t work, you may have helped scientists gain a deeper understanding of a disease and get one step closer to a breakthrough.

All clinical trial protocols are submitted to and approved by the FDA before beginning enrollment.  All are overseen by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), which monitors patient safety while the study is ongoing.  Most studies require diagnostic tests and physical exams to qualify for participation. The results of these tests and exams can be given to you and your doctor at no additional cost, which can help you learn more about your illness or condition.

Many people think that insurance is required to participate, but insurance is not required and will not be asked for. Participation costs you nothing; compensation is usually provided for your time and travel expenses. Compensation varies and is contingent upon study length and study visit requirements.

Participation is on a volunteer basis. While it is strongly preferred that participants complete a trial, you are, in fact, free to leave at any point during the trial.  You are never obligated to complete a study once you have enrolled.  

ALSA Research is a dedicated research facility founded in 1994 to conduct the highest quality clinical trials so that new, safe, and effective medications can be developed, researched, and approved for various indications and diseases. Your participation matters. For more information and to pre-qualify as a participant in a future trial, visit alsaresearch.com.