Milena Harmeling, CCRC

Milena Seara, CCRC Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

Milena Harmeling, CCRC

Team Leader

Milena has been with New England Research Associates since 2009 and has more than twenty years of clinical research experience. She is a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator accredited by ACRP. Milena is responsible for recruitment, recording patient data, performing medical tests such as blood draws and vital statistics, drug administration, immunization administration and following the clinical protocol under the study’s guidelines. Milena is IATA certified, C-SSRS certified, NIH Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams certified and has extensive training in multiple EDC systems. Milena works as part of a team of Study Coordinators to ensure accurate, ethical, and safe conduct in a range of Immunizations, Type II Diabetes, and Autoimmune and Dermatological Diseases.

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