Your health and safety, as well as that of our team, are most important. What we are doing at ALSA Research (NERA/STC):


We are sanitizing our exam rooms, lab, and bathroom between each patient, and frequently touched surfaces throughout the day.


Our team will wear protective masks and/or shields, and we will ask you to do the same when you visit our site

Health Monitoring

When you come in for an appointment, we will check your temperature. We are also checking the temperatures of our staff every morning, to prevent spread of the virus within our team.

We appreciate everything you, our volunteers, do to help bring new treatments to the market and in turn, we want to keep you safe. We ask that you help us do this by following a few simple steps:

  • Do not bring anyone into our site with you for your appointment. If someone does accompany you, please ask them
    to wait outside for you to finish your appointment.
  • Wear a mask when you come to our site.