Eczema: The Winter Nightmare

If you have atopic dermatitis (eczema), you know that extreme weather changes are not your friend when it comes to keeping the skin condition under control. For many, colder temperatures have already descended even though winter has not officially begun. By taking a few precautions and knowing what makes your eczema worse, there is no …

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YOUnique Beauty: Vitiligo

Having vitiligo can mean dealing with some pretty challenging changes that occur to your body. Although it is not life-threatening or contagious, these drastic changes can take an emotional toll on those who suffer from it. Not being able to hide from vitiligo in an increasingly superficial world can make your self- confidence take a …

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Weather and Medical Conditions

It’s been a wives’ tale for years. Grandmothers across the world have predicted the rain when their joints swell and ache. There have been many studies on the effect of rain on joints, but the weather undeniably affects our bodies. The changes in the weather have been known to impact the human body in both …

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Autoimmune Coping

There are over 100 distinct autoimmune diseases that affect more than 50 million people every day. The symptoms are commonly shared cross different medical specialties and can affect all organs. Fatigue, inflammation, achy muscles, and skin rashes are a few of those. Although some autoimmune diseases can have periods of remission, most require daily management. …

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COVID-19 Safety

Your health and safety, as well as that of our team, are most important.