Tips for Staying Gout-Free This Memorial Day Weekend!

As the holiday weekend approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in getaway plans, barbecues, and lazy days by the pool. With those other things on our mind, thoughts of staying healthy can sometimes fall by the wayside. If you struggle with gout, it’s important to keep that in mind to avoid a sneak attack!

Hot, humid weather can do a number on those with gout. In order to avoid a flare, The Arthritis Foundation stresses the importance of staying hydrated. Carry a water bottle around so you are constantly remembering to drink. Adding some fruit can give it some refreshing flavor too!

You may be tempted to have an alcoholic beverage, but just remember, beer is one the worst things to consume. According to WebMD, men who drank at least 2 beers a day were more than 200% as likely to suffer from gout. Not only that, the more beers they drank, the more likely they were to suffer from a gout attack.  All types of alcohol can potentially lead to a gout attack, so keep that in mind.

Foods high in purine have been shown to trigger gout attacks. We know it’s feels good to indulge occasionally, but knowing which foods to avoid may save you in long run. If you’re at a barbecue, opt for the chicken instead of the steak or shrimp and load up on the fruits and vegetables.

When it all comes down to it, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Exercising some caution and preparation will be key in making sure you avoid an attack and have a great weekend.

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