Traveling with Psoriatic Arthritis

With summer fast approaching many of us are gearing up for warmer weather, longer days, and those long-awaited summer vacations! While traveling can be stressful and challenging at times, adding a chronic illness, like psoriatic arthritis, to the mix sure doesn’t help. Though it certainly doesn’t have to stop you!

Traveling can be good for the mind, body, and soul. It can even take your mind off our your PsA! It all comes down to preparation.

Planning ahead and choosing the best location to help you to avoid a flare is key. Sun and humidity is typically better for most with PsA versus cold, dry weather. Know your limitations and choose a place to stay that can accommodate your needs.

Pack smart! The National Psoriasis Foundation recommends thinking about the types of fabrics you’re packing and how they fit your destination and your condition. Also remember to keep things light. Carrying around heavy bags could be a trigger for a flare.

If you’re flying, book an aisle seat. Sitting in a cramped airplane seat is no fun for anyone, especially those with psoriatic arthritis. An aisle seat will give you more room to stretch out, and an opportunity to get up and move around more without disturbing your seat mates.

Don’t forget to take any medications with you that you may need. You may be several hours – even time zones – away from your doctor. Make sure to discuss your travels with your primary physician and be prepared.

Pace yourself and have fun! Trying to do too much is most certainly not a good idea, and you know it. You’re on vacation, so act like it! Plan some activities, but make sure you have some down time too.

Studies are enrolling now evaluating new treatment options for psoriatic arthritis. Qualified participants may have access to potential new PsA treatments.  Participants often receive care from board-certified physicians and other medical staff, and may receive compensation for time and travel expenses. To learn more about these studies and to see if you qualify CLICK HERE.