National Yoga Awareness Month spotlights how the practice can help with OA management


National Yoga Awareness Month spotlights how the practice can help with OA management
Yoga can be a good addition to an osteoarthritis management plan.

BRIDGEPORT – Joint pain, stiffness, swelling and pain. Known as the “wear and tear” arthritis, osteoarthritis (OA) is marked by those tell-tale symptoms. The disease is degenerative, which means it worsens over time, and can be difficult to manage.

OA causes the protective layer of cartilage at the ends of bones to wear down over time. Knees, hips, hands, wrists, lower back, and neck are all commonly affected areas and treatment can differ based on a number of factors. However, yoga can help to get you moving a little more comfortably.

“Osteoarthritis can be a real pain. It affects people differently, but it certainly can interfere with all aspects of daily life,” says Dr. Geoffrey Gladstein, President and Medical Director at New England Research Associates.

Practicing yoga helps to keep your joints more flexible and may help to reduce your pain. While exercise has long been the key to maintaining joint function in OA sufferers, the exercise must be low-impact to prevent further joint damage. Yoga is the perfect, gentle solution.

While yoga can help with strength and flexibility in the joints, it is only part of the pain management plan when it comes to OA. Fortunately, local physicians are working to try and find a better option to treat OA symptoms.

Depending on the severity of the condition, OA can affect many different areas of your life including working, sleeping, socializing, and even your overall mood for the day.

“It’s not fun to be in pain,” says Gladstein. “Managing pain associated with OA is tough, but we are hopeful that potential new treatment options being evaluated at NERA will make a real difference.”

New England Research Associates is enrolling adults with pain due to OA of the knee or hip. Qualified participants see a board-certified physician at no cost, have access to potential new OA treatment, and receive compensation for time and travel.

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