Meet the Team

Dr. Paul Dalgin and his wife Judith opened Stamford Therapeutics Consortium (STC) in 1994 with the sole mission to conduct the highest quality clinical trials. Clinical trials are used to develop treatments of all kinds for many diseases, disorders, and other ailments. These clinical trials are closely monitored by the Food and Drug Administration to ensure the safety of volunteers. To continue our mission, we have a highly specialized team.

Clinical Trial Teams and Their Roles

Our team has decades of experience in clinical trials, and everyone plays a vital role in the process. Let’s meet them and learn more about what they do and what part their role plays in the clinical trial process.

  • Principal Investigator- David M. Radin, MD:
    • A principal investigator is responsible for ensuring the clinical trial is conducted ethically. They oversee every aspect of the trial, including the financial and administrative processes as required by the FDA. They also ensure all staff is adequately trained to fulfill their role in the trial, and that all responsibilities are appropriately delegated. Our Principal investigator, Dr. Radin, has over 16 years of experience

  • Site Manager and Patient Recruiter-Judith Dalgin:
    • A patient recruiter is responsible for finding people who would be a possible match to volunteer for our clinical trials as defined by the guidelines from the FDA.
    • A data coordinator manages all required data collection over the entire study, ensuring that all timelines, standards, and requirements are met. Our Site Manager and Patient Recruiter is STC’s founder Judith, who has continued to serve in this role since 1994.



  • Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)- Svetlana Konnov, LPN and Betsy Kempner, RN:
    • Clinical research coordinators are responsible for obtaining informed consent from the patients and using guidelines provided by the FDA to determine if a volunteer can participate in the study. Once a volunteer is enrolled in the study, the CRC will use the FDA’s guidelines to take the patient through the trial process and document the required data along the way.

STC has completed over 350 clinical trials and continues to conduct research studies to advance medicine. However, without volunteers, clinical trials would not be possible. If after reading this, you are wondering how you can get involved in clinical trials, you can call us at 203-325-8529, or learn more about our enrolling studies on our website. Qualified participants receive study-related medication and care and reimbursement for time and travel.